How Long Should a High-Speed Turbine Last?


Have you ever wondered, what factors affect the life of your high-speed handpiece turbines?

Several independent studies have been conducted over the years to answer that question. The United States Air Force conducted one of these studies in 1993.

They carefully monitored ten specific performance criteria using nine different handpiece models. Each handpiece was subjected to 1,000 use & sterilization cycles that were controlled to ensure each handpiece was subjected to identical clinical use and proper maintenance procedures.

The conclusion 

Assuming the handpiece is properly maintained, you should expect your turbines to withstand about 500 sterilization cycles without significant performance loss.

What it means in your office

It should be emphasized that these studies were conducted under ideal circumstances utilizing proper maintenance procedures.  Given these conditions, if you use/sterilize your handpiece twice a day, five days a week, you should expect your turbine to last about one year.

Changing any of the variables can substantially alter these results. For example, if you increase the use/sterilization cycles to three time per day, five days per week you will shorten the life expectancy to about 8 months.

Achieve the longest life and highest performance from your handpiece repairs

While there are many factors that can prevent your operating environment from being considered ideal, the “Do’s and Don’ts” mentioned in this post will significantly impact the longevity of your handpiece turbines.