9 Do’s and Don’ts to Make Your Handpiece Turbines Last Longer



  • Flush debris from the handpiece
  • Clean the chuck mechanism
  • Properly autoclave the handpiece
  • Properly lubricate the handpiece
  • Operate handpiece at the recommended PSI
  • Check autoclave for proper operation
  • Check air lines for contamination
  • Use sharp burs during procedures
  • Properly insert the bur, all of the way into the chuck


  • Use a chemical disinfectant prior to sterilizing
  • Use an ultrasonic cleaner on the handpiece
  • Immerse the handpiece in any solution
  • Lubricate in the wrong hole
  • Use the wrong lubricant or not enough lubricant
  • Autoclave the handpiece with oil in the head
  • Autoclave with a bur in the handpiece
  • Autoclave a lever hanpiece with the lever open
  • Run the handpiece hot out of the autoclave