High-Speed Lube-Style Turbine Maintenance Guidelines


These maintenance procedures are intended for lube-style handpieces that require lubrication after each use.

Perform procedure after each use:

  1. Remove handpiece from unit tubing.
  2. With bur inserted, spray a good burst of lubricant into drive air port. The best type of oil to use is a synthetic because it won’t burn off during autoclaving. Find out why synthetic is a superior lubricant here. Rotate bur between your fingers forward and backward for 10 seconds.
  3. Re-connect handpiece to unit tubing and run for 30—45 seconds. You will see oil coming from the handpiece. If the oil is black, grey or discolored, repeat this procedure until the oil coming from the handpiece is clear.
  4. Remove bur from the handpiece, place handpiece in an autoclave bag and autoclave. Your autoclave unit should not exceed 275° F or 132° C.
  5. Allow the handpiece to cool completely before use. Do not immerse the handpiece under cool water to speed up the cooling process.
  6. You can now use the handpiece.
  7. Make sure the air pressure is set to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  8. You should clean the autochuck weekly to help prevent burs from slipping.  For detailed instructions on autochuck cleaning check out this post.