Why Your Handpiece Lubricant Should Be Synthetic.

Dentist using dental handpiece lubricating machine.

The best type of handpiece lubricant to use on your handpieces is a synthetic lubricant. For years now, I have been using a 100% synthetic handpiece lubricant called Syntek with all of my handpiece repairs.

I am convinced Syntek is a superior handpiece lubricant that will enable your handpiece turbines to perform better and last longer. Virtually all of the doctors that have ever purchased Syntek from me over the years continue to use Syntek to lubricate their handpieces.

Syntek is a cutting edge handpiece lubricant. Most handpiece lubricants are petroleum based mineral oils containing contaminants such as sulfur, metals and tars.

Since Syntek is a synthetic lubricant, it won’t create buildup during autoclaving like petroleum based products do. The buildup process is similar to what happens when you spray cooking oil on a baking sheet to keep cookies from sticking to it.  Over time, a film or residue build-up on the baking sheet forms that is hard if not impossible to remove.

Not sure if your lubricant is synthetic? Just look at your handpiece lubricants label.  If the label doesn’t say “synthetic” it is a petroleum based product.

7 reasons I like Syntek Handpiece Lubricant

  1. Inexpensive – You could use any synthetic handpiece lubricant on the market and it would be superior to a petroleum based product. However, just like a synthetic oil change for your car, synthetic handpiece lubrication products cost more than most petroleum based products. I sell Syntek for less than many petroleum based products. A 16 ounce aerosol spray can is only $ 29.95.
  2. Heat Stable – Syntek is more heat stable and will not break down, cause varnish buildup or gel the way mineral oil will during autoclaving.
  3. Once and Done – Syntek is a one step product applied before sterilization to both clean and lubricate. Lubrication after sterilization is not necessary because Syntek is not affected by autoclaving.
  4. Aerosol – Synek is an aerosol spray which is a more effective lubrication method than using a bottle with a dropper.
  5. Proven – Syntek has passed all protocols including wear resistance, free running RPM and sterilization by a leading bearing manufacturer.
  6. Durable –  Syntek provides higher film strength (5x – 10x higher) compared to mineral oils, resulting in less wear.
  7. Versatile – Syntek is formulated for all handpieces and attachments and has excellent material compatibility.