Weekly Autochuck Maintenance

Turbine Replacement

The autochuck is the mechanism that holds burs in place, and is found in turbines inside the head of all push button and lever handpieces. During normal use, the small metal parts that make up the autochuck can become clogged with debris, potentially allowing burs to slip. To prevent debris buildup, it is recommended you clean the autochuck weekly. To clean an autochuck, use the following procedure:

  1. Place a drop of high-speed oil on the tip of a proxy brush, or directly into the autochuck opening (this is the hole where you insert the bur).
  2. Insert the brush into the autochuck opening and slide it in and out several times to loosen and remove debris.
  3. Using your syringe, spray air directly into the autochuck opening to expel the loosened debris.
  4. Repeat the process until the tip of the proxy brush no longer becomes discolored upon insertion.