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High-Speed Handpiece Repairs

High-speed Handpiece Service & Repairs

Handpieces that perform better, make you more efficient and your patients more comfortable.

High-Speed Overhauls

When your high-speed handpiece begins to fail by making noise or losing torque, the problem is usually the turbine bearings. In this case, (as long as the turbine chuck still holds a bur without slipping) we can usually save you money by performing an overhaul on your turbine instead of replacing it. All high-speed overhauls come with a 6-Month warranty.

Here’s how we rebuild your turbine and save you money:


Remove Old Parts

Remove old bearings and other worn parts.


Clean Turbine

Thoroughly clean the turbine.


Install New Bearings

Replace bearings, o-rings, and washers as necessary.


Test Handpiece

Make sure the handpiece works properly.

Complete overhaul with premium bearings $ 79 – $139 (call for specific make/model pricing)

When you overhaul your turbine, it is essential that your chuck mechanism is working properly. It will be necessary to replace the turbine if the chuck of your push button or lever-style handpiece is damaged.

We Repair Most Brands

We can provide you with more information and pricing upon request.

Additional High-Speed Services

  • A-DEC/W&H All Models
  • Kavo All Models
  • Midwest All Models
  • NSK/Brasseler All Models
  • Star All Models
  • Others Call for more information
Prices vary depending on repair required and handpiece make and model. Please contact us for additional information.


What Our Customers Have To Say...

My Emergency Dental is proud to write this review because of the exemplary service that has been been provided by Handpiece Xpress. The personalization from the point of speaking with the owner first hand to make sure that the tools are properly evaluated and cared for is second to none. I have been using this company going on four years and I will continue to use them for years to come. I highly recommend this company for its expert and timely service.

Demetri McDonald

I work for a dental office in Alpharetta (Windward Dental) and we are so thankful for handpiece xpress! Don is so kind and the service/turnaround time is so quick. We have always had beyond exceptional service. Highly recommend

Mckenzie Holtzclaw

We have been using Handpiece Xpress since 2014 and couldn't be happier! Don has taken wonderful care of my handpieces. His communication, quick diagnosis and customer service are what sets him apart from other companies. I have full trust in him and recommend his services to everyone!

Angie Gribble Hedlund

I’ve been working with Don for the better part of two years and he has kept my handpieces operating at peak performance. Don personally provides first rate customer service with exceptional turn around time, quality repairs, and meticulous packaging. I don’t know how I would keep the Lab up and running without Handpiece Xpress.

Sully Bares

My office (Vlass and Merritt Dental Care) has been using Handpiece Xpress since 2011, they do same day pick up and the turnaround time is just a couple of days. Don is very thorough, he always has great suggestions on how to properly maintain our handpieces, his overall service is top of the line.

Lila Manseill

Dr DeSenze has been working with Don at HPiece Xpress for over 15 years.......Not only is the work top notch.....but add in the honesty and personal relations.....This Co is 2nd to none.....

Anna Desenze

It doesn't get any better. Turnaround the very next day, friendly & reasonable including a warranty. Don is great.

Wyman Martin

Get Your Dental Handpiece Repaired In Three Easy Steps

Getting your dental handpieces repaired is as easy as getting in touch with us.

Send Us Your Tools

When you’re ready to have your handpiece repaired, grab a shipping label or kit off our website and send it out to us.

We Repair It

As soon as we receive your handpiece, we get started on repairs right away.

We Send It Back To You

We aim to repair and send your dental handpiece back to you within 24 hours of receipt.

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