Two Most Common High Speed Handpiece Problems

highspeed handpiece problems

Two Common High Speed Handpiece Problems

Two of the most common high speed handpiece problems I hear about are poor torque and slipping burs.

Poor Torque

Poor torque can be caused by a number of factors, but it is usually the result of wear and tear to the turbine bearings. Once the bearings begin to break down, replacing them is the only effective way to get your torque back.

High Speed Overhaul

When the turbine chuck (the part of the turbine that holds your bur in place) is in good working condition, (meaning burs are not slipping) we can replace the bad bearings and O-rings on your turbine with a procedure called an overhaul. The overhaul saves you money because I don’t have to replace the chuck when I repair your turbine, which is the most expensive component of a turbine.

The bearings I use to overhaul your turbine, will meet or exceed the specifications of the original turbine bearings.

Burs Slipping

Another factor that can affect torque is when the turbine chuck doesn’t hold the bur as tightly as it should. When this happens, the bur slips during procedures, which reduces torque.

Chucks begin to slip because they are either worn out from use or they become “dirty” with accumulated debris. When a chuck is worn out, replacing the turbine is the only way to fix the problem.  If a dirty chuck is the culprit, a good cleaning may give your chuck new life. Check out this post to learn the proper way to clean the chuck in your handpiece turbine.