Lube-free Style Turbine Maintenance Procedures

handpiece maintenance

Lube-free style turbines are designed to be maintenance free and should not be lubricated.

If you accidentally lubricate a lube-free style turbine, you should continue to lubricate it from that point on. The reason is, lube-free turbines are self lubricating because their bearings are packed with grease. If you lubricate them, the oil will wash away the grease in the bearings and the bearings will begin to run dry and become hot. This will make the bearings fail prematurely.

So, once again, if you accidentally lubricate a lube-free turbine you should start using the standard lube-style turbine maintenance procedures contained in this post.

You should also clean the autochuck weekly to help prevent burs from slipping.  For detailed instructions on autochuck cleaning, check out this post.