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Handpiece Xpress is a full-service provider of handpiece repair services for all types of handpieces. Most of our prices are listed below. For additional types of repairs, or additional information, please contact us. 

High-Speed Repairs

We repair most brands, including:

Kavo • Midwest • NSK • Star • W&H/Adec
• Others (contact us for more information)



High Speed Overhauls


When repairing a high speed handpiece, you don’t always have to replace the turbine.  Under some conditions you can save money by having it overhauled or rebuilt instead. In these four meticulous steps we rebuild your turbine, saving you money.

  1. Remove the old bearings and any other parts too worn to reuse.
  2. Clean the turbine thoroughly.
  3. Install new bearings, o-rings and washers as required.
  4. Test the handpiece to make sure it performs properly.

An overhaul of your turbine requires the chuck mechanism, to be in good working order. If the chuck of your push button or lever style handpiece is bad, it will be necessary to replace the turbine.


Overhaul 6-Month Warranty


MidwestStandard (chuck Key Required)
MidwestLever/Push Button Quiet Air, Tradition, XGT
OthersCall for more information

We offer many additional high-speed services including:

  • Replacement Turbines
  • Clearing clogged water lines
  • Replacing broken fiber optics
  • Removing stuck burs
  • Repairing loose heads/bodies
  • Repairing water and air line leaks

Please call for more information and pricing.

Replacement Turbines

We repair most brands, including:

• Kavo • Midwest • NSK • Star • W&H/Adec
• Others (contact us for more information)


Replacement Turbines 6-Month Warranty

MidwestStandard (chuck Key Required)
MidwestLever/Push Button Quiet Air, Tradition, XGT
OthersCall for more information
Low-Speed Repair

We repair most brands, including:

• Champion • Kavo • Lynx • Micromite • Micro Motors • Midwest •  NSK • Star • W&H/Adec • Others (contact us for pricing and more information)

Low-Speed Motor Overhauls

ChampionLittle Guy
Kavo All
Micro Motors
MidwestShorty, Tru Torc, Rhino, RDH
OthersCall for more information

Nose Cone Overhauls

Midwest All
Star All
NSK/Brasseler All
OthersCall for more information

Latch Angle Overhauls

Swing Latch
Push ButtonAll
OthersCall for more information

Star Titan Scaler Overhauls

StarTitan S/SW
StarRotor Replacement Only
OthersCall for more information

Additional Low-Speed Services

Backend RethreadRethread Backend Supply Line Threads
OthersCall for more information


Electric Handpiece and Attachment Repairs

We repair most brands, including:

• Kavo • Midwest •  NSK • Star • W&H/Adec • Others (contact us for more information)

Electric handpiece attachments or contra angles, don’t rely on air pressure to rotate the bur like high-speed handpieces do.  Instead, they have what is referred to as a drive dog in the backend of the handpiece that is turned by an electric motor.  As the drive dog turns, bearings and gears inside the handpiece spin causing the bur to turn.

The first components to fail in an electric contra angle are typically the two small bearings attached to the spindle in the head of the handpiece.  As these bearings wear, friction causes the head of the handpiece to heat up.  When you first notice the handpiece heating up, you should immediately stop using the handpiece.  At this point, it may be possible to rebuild the spindle and drive shaft by replacing their bearings, which is less expensive than a factory overhaul.  Continued use of the handpiece once these bearings begin to fail will result in damage to the gears and other drive train components and require a factory overhaul.

When you send your electric contra angle to Handpiece Xpress for repair, we will inspect the handpiece and determine whether you can take advantage of a rebuild, or if a factory overhaul is required.

Electric Contra Angle Rebuilds

Kavo25 LPA, 25 LHA

Electric Contra Angle Factory Overhaul

A-DEC/W&HWA-99, WA-56
Bien AirPM CA 1:541
Kavo25LCA, 25LCR, 25LHA
Kavo25LPA, 25PLR,E25L
KavoE25C, 200XDR, M25L
NSK/BrasselerZ95L, Z85L
NSK/BrasselerX95L, X85L
NSK/BrasselerM95, M95L
SironaS 200L/S 200L mini, C200L
Henry ScheinMaxima Elite/Elite Mini

Electric Handpiece FDA Advisory

The FDA has issued an advisory regarding the potential for patient injury due to improperly maintained or failing speed-increasing contra angle attachments.  Friction in the internal bearings and gears can cause overheating and possibly burn a patient.  Minimize heat by following the manufacturer’s lubrication and maintenance procedures and confirming that there is adequate air and water flow during use.

Electric Handpiece In-Office Testing


Insert test bur and manually rotate it between your fingers.  You should feel the bur rotating freely.


Connect attachment, then turn on cooling air, water, motor and gradually increase speed to maximum level (40K on control box panel).  Run for 30 to 45 seconds without a load and listen for unusual grinding or clicking noises when operating in forward and in reverse.


While running the handpiece at full speed, touch the head and neck areas to check for excessive heat.  It should feel cool to the touch.

If your handpiece fails any of these tests, discontinue use immediately and send to Handpiece Xpress for service.
Other Services
  • Lab Handpieces
  • Specialty Repairs
Prices vary depending on repair required and handpiece make and model.  Please contact us for additional information.

FREE Local Pickup & Delivery

We offer free local pickup and delivery to most of the Milton, Alpharetta and Roswell Georgia area. If you’d like us to come visit and discuss all of our services, pickup your handpieces or learn more about our business please contact us.
” Handpiece Xpress is a good-quality company.  We find that our services are met in an efficient and timely manner.  They are very enjoyable to work with, we highly recommend their work. “ Stacy, Dental Assistant
“It’s just a pleasure to work with someone who still does things in the time honored tradition of doing what they say they will, and backing it up. We use Don because he makes working with him “predictably easy”. We would recommend that you try him the next time one of your handpieces needs attention. He will have you up and running in no time. Chris Adkins, D.D.S.

” Great work – done fast! “ Dr. Beard

” We have used Handpiece Xpress for quite a few years, Don always goes above and beyond to get our handpieces picked up and dropped off quickly. Thank you for taking the time to maintain and repair our handpieces in such a timely professional manner!” Dr. Barry Vlass, DMD
” You make the frequent chore of handpiece repair a simple process “ Dr. Smith
” Handpiece Xpress gave us exceptional and timely service.  We will absolutely use them again for our handpiece repair needs. “ Dr. Walton
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